Asia Sikkila

As a self-taught designer and artist I have always had a passion for traditional crafts and natural textiles. Over the years I’ve explored many different mediums and art forms.  Creating one of a kind clothing, adornments, and home decor has always been my intention and goal.

My travels brought me to West Africa over 20 years ago and I’ve had the honor to collaborate directly with amazing artisans. Much of the fabric I use today is Bogolan, or "Mudcloth", sourced directly from Mali. Mudcloth is a hand-woven local cotton cloth with hand painted designs from natural plant and mud dyes. Other fabrics I use are hand dyed with natural indigo, both vintage and modern.

Each of my statement pieces are unique due to the hand dying process of the fabrics. Many of the designs are simple with minimal cuts to the textiles, showcasing the fabric itself. Creating dynamic apparel and home decor with both traditional and modern elements.

By wearing an AWANYA garment or bringing a decorative piece into your home, it is my intention to inspire a sense of connection and empowerment that I hope will enrich your life.